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9/19/17 — Grand Prix Driving Group Changes

The driving groups have changed from last year. In an effort to even out the field, the new car groups are designated by engine displacement size. The motorcycle group, however, remains the same. There are now five Grand Prix timed driving groups and one non-timed "Lunchtime Touring" group. ​

 GROUP 1: 1900 to 1940 open-wheel race cars  

 GROUP 2: 1940 to 1965 4-cylinder normally aspirated vintage race cars


GROUP 3: 1940 to 1965 6-cylinder normally aspirated vintage race cars 

GROUP 4: 1940 to 1965 8- and 12-cylinder normally aspirated vintage race cars  

GROUP 5: 1940 to 1965 vintage motorcycles  

GROUP 6: Lunchtime Touring sessions for 1900 to 1965 vintage non-race cars     

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