FAST TRACK Your Registration Today!


Skip sending in the application forms for entry!

It's back! We invite you to FAST TRACK  your entry, by emailing your entry request in to us. No application to download and fill out. 

Here's how to do it, and save  time!

Email your request to enter your car or motorcycle in the 2018 Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix to:

Please include the following information

  1. State the the year, make, and model of your car or motorcycle.
  2. Specify the Run Group  you want your car or motorcycle in. See groups below.
  3. Include a phone number where you can be reached.
  4. Attache 2 photos of your car, or 1 photos of your motorcycles to your email. Those registering for Lunchtime Touring, Group 6, send 1 photo of you car, or motorcycle.
  5. Wait for your approval. It will be fast!

Please see Rules & Regs page for car and motorcycle eligibility. 

Once we receive your request it will be reviewed. If you car or motorcycle is compliant with our rules, you will be notified of its acceptance via a return email notification. Your registration form will be emailed back to you for you to fill out and return with your entry fee via the US Mail. Mailing instructions will be given to you again at that time. Please mail your registration forms and entry fee promptly. Failure to do so will only delay your entry. GP run groups 1 through 5 are limited to a max of 18 cars or motorcycles.

If you are planning to have a "Crew" or invite friends to help, you must also fill out the Crew and Passenger form that will be included. Racers are allowed 3 "crew" members in the paddock. Lunchtime Touring drivers may have one passenger in the car with them and two (2) friends in the paddock. Passengers are not allowed on motorcycles in the run group.

The event is open to the following cars and motorcycles

GROUP 1: 1900 to 1940 open-wheel race cars — $200 per car

GROUP 2: 1940 to 1970 4-cylinder normally aspirated vintage race cars —$200 per car

GROUP 3: 1940 to 1970 6-cylinder normally aspirated vintage race cars— $200 per car

GROUP 4: 1940 to 1970 8 and 12-cylinder normally aspirated vintage race cars —$200 per car

GROUP 5: 1940 to 1970 vintage motorcycles —$200 per motorcycle

GROUP 6: 1940 to 1970 Lunch Time Touring, open to all stock vintage cars and motorcycles — $50

GROUP 6, Lunchtime Touring motorcycles!
This year we are again allowing vintage and classic motorcycles from 1940 to 1970, to enter this run group. There is a maximum of 20 vehicles allowed, so enter soon to secure your spot on the grid. Cost is only $50. This 20-minute run session will be led by a pace car. The speeds will be fast enough to be fun and exciting. The session begins at 12 noon and ends at 12:30 pm. 

Where to mail you registration form once approved

When you are notified of your acceptance, and you are given your registration forms, fill them out and return them promptly with you entry fee too the address below via the US Postal Service.

Send to:

The Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix
C/O Denis Branca
119 Cyprus Lane
Coatesville, PA 19320

QUESTIONS? CALL 484-288-8514
If no answer please leave a call back phone number and we will return your call promptly.