Lunchtime Touring. Get into the action for just $50!


Lunchtime Touring Registration is Still Open!

The Lunchtime Touring run group, is open to all vintage, antique and classic non-race cars and motorcycles. New! Period correct street replicas are allowed. Replicas must represent a factory production car from this time period. This special 20-minute, pace car-led run group lets you experience the fun and excitement of the event. Park in the paddock with all of the race cars and motorcycles too! You’ll be up close and in the middle of all the action! Entry is just $50!

Download form here.

Returning Grand Prix Drivers and Riders

Returning Grand Prix Drivers/Riders and Returning Lunchtime Touring Drivers Only!

If you were a participant in previous CIVGP events and want to return with the same vehicle used 

in past years, you can save some time and eliminate the acceptance review. Just fill out the Returning  Grand Prix Driver/Rider Registration Form and MAIL it in with the appropriate fee. Download form here.

ATTENTION! Do not email this form! It must be sent in with your entry fee. 

Please make your checks out to:  Coatesville Grand Prix.


If you are bringing a crew, or a passenger, you must fill out the included Crew and Passenger Registration Form, located on page 2 of the form.

You must mail forms and entry fee to:

Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix  

C/O Denis Branca  

119 Cyprus Lane  Coatesville, Pa 19320

For questions and information:  

Call: 484-288-8514 (please leave message if no immediate answer)



Application for Entry


The Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix requires all interested in entering the event, to fill out an "Application for Entry" form. Cars and motorcycles must meet event standards to be accepted.

Those wishing to enter their car or motorcycle in the event must fill out the forms required and provide photos of your car or motorcycle. Instructions are on the form.


The "timed" Grand Prix, is open to vintage, antique, and classic race cars and motorcycles only. We now accept "Period Correct", race prepared replicas and factory continuation cars. These must meet all safety requirements for both car and driver. Drivers and riders must have track time experience to enter.  

Group 1: 1900 to 1950, "Open Wheeled" race cars,

Group 2: 1930 to 1970, 4-cylinder cars, 

Group 3: 1930 to 1970, 6-cylinder cars 

Group 4: 1930 to 1970, 8 and 12 cylinder race cars. 

Group 5: 1930 to 1970 racing motorcycles


The Lunchtime Touring session is open to vintage, antique, and classic automobiles and motorcycles from 1900 to 1970. We now accept "Period Correct", replicas and factory continuation cars. 


  1. The CIVGP "Timed" Application for Entry Form. This is for entry into the "timed" Grand Prix which is open race cars and racing motorcycles only. 
  2. The CIVGP Lunchtime Touring  Application for Entry. This form is for the Lunchtime Touring session, open to all non-racing vintage, antique, and classic cars and motorcycles from 1900 to 1970. 


We are accepting email! If you can scan your Application for Entry form and have digital photos of your car or motorcycle you can email them in and save lots of time. 

For questions and information:  

Call: 484-288-8514 (please leave message if no immediate answer) 


Registration After Acceptance

Once your Application for Entry has been received, it will be reviewed by the race committee.We will then notify you of your acceptance, either by phone or email. At that time you can download the Accepted Driver/Rider Registration form to fill out and return with you entry fee.


Grand Prix: $200 for cars, $150 for motorcycles. Lunchtime Touring: $50.

All entrants are allowed 3 "crew" members to accompany them in the paddock.  You must provide their information on the  2019 CIVGP Crew and Passenger Registration form, on page 2.

All entrants and "crew" members will have to sign an event waiver before being allowed in the paddock. You can do that at the registration tent, which will be located in the paddock.

Mail forms to: 

Coatesville Vintage Grand Prix  C/O Denis Branca  119 Cyprus Lane, Coatesville, Pa 19320 


Returning Driver/Rider Registration Form

If you were in a previous CIVGP event, either the "timed" Grand Prix or Lunchtime Touring,
and are returning with the SAME car or motorcycle, use this form for registration.

CIVGP "Timed" Application for Entry

This form is for applying for entry acceptance in the  "Timed" portion of the CIVGP 

First time race car and racing motorcycles entrants use this form.

CIVGP Lunchtime Touring Application for Entry

This form is for applying for entry acceptance in the Lunchtime Touring 

First time vintage, antique, classic car and motorcycle entrants use this form.

Accepted Driver/Rider Registration Form

This form is for BOTH the "Timed" Grand Prix, and Lunchtime Touring Registration.

After your car or motorcycle has been APPROVED FOR ENTRY, use this form to register for the event.