Eligibility and Safety Requirements


Eligible Cars and Motorcycles

All cars participating in Groups 1 through 4 must be dedicated race cars, built or modified for that  purpose. We do not except Kit Cars, Replicas, or “Tribute” cars. We will accept genuine factory  “continuation” vehicles with factory serial numbers. The cars must be as originally manufactured. 

No stock road cars are allowed in the timed groups. No exceptions please. 

Tires and Wheels All competing cars and motorcycles must be fitted with tires of an appropriate size, in good condition,  with no cuts or sidewall cracks.  NOTE! This is a rain or shine event, apporiate rain tires may be required. 

Driver Required Safety Equipment

All drivers must have a Snell SA2010 approved race helmet. Drivers using open-faced helmets must use goggles or impact resistant face shields. Glasses are not sufficient. All drivers must wear an fire retardant driver’s suit. Fire retardant underwear is suggested, but is optional. Fire resistant socks and gloves made of leather and/or fire retardant material and without any holes are required. A fire 

retardant balaclava is highly recommended especially for drivers with beards or mustaches, or using 

open-faced helmets. Driving shoes with uppers made of leather or nonflammable materials are required. 

No sneakers or street shoes allowed.

Required Car Safety Equipment

NEW! Open cars must have a roll bar, hard top cars do not have to have a roll bar, however, a roll bar is highly recommended. A minimum three (3)  point seat belt is required. It is highly recommended to use a racing harness especially in open cars. It should be in good condition and without tears or excessive wear.
A 5 lb. or greater fire extinguisher with a charge gauge is required and must be securely mounted in the driver’s compartment. A power cut off switch is required and it's location, clearly marked. You may be refused to compete if any of these items do not meet their requirements during tech inspection.


Period race cars (1900-1940 only!) that register do not have to have roll bars if they were originally built that way and if the owner is keeping the car to period originality. Final acceptance will be determined by the Race Committee. However, roll bars and seat belts are VERY highly advised for all cars participating. 


No car or motorcycle will be allowed to participate if there are any visible fluid leaks, damaged bodywork, or other items deemed unsafe by the Chief Scrutineer. Vehicles found non-compliant will be asked to fix the issue before the event starts. If the issue cannot be fixed, the car will not be allowed to compete in the event and the driver will lose their entry fee. The decision of the Chief Scrutineer is final and cannot be appealed. Please come properly prepared to avoid any issues. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix is not a “wheel-to-wheel” race, but an individually timed performance driving event. Your safety is our number one concern. Please abide by these rules and  regulations to ensure you have a safe, fun, and exciting experience. 

Restricted Passing Areas

Passing this year will be confined to 2 designated passing areas of the track. Their locations will be given to you at the drivers’ meeting. Anyone who passes in an unauthorized portion of the track will have 5 seconds deducted from their best time of the day. Continued infringement will result in a  DNF for the day.


Drivers, passengers, and crew personnel must wear their wristbands at all times to gain access to the paddock and track. All drivers must attend the drivers’ meeting in the morning to receive wristbands for themselves, their passengers, and their crew. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tech Inspection

All cars and motorcycles must pass the mandatory tech inspection and display the official tech sticker on their car so that it can be seen clearly by track officials. 

Paddock and Pit Lane

Pit lane speed limit is 5 mph and is strictly enforced. Only drivers, their crew, and passengers will be permitted in staging areas. No others are permitted within the fenced pit and paddock area.

Safe Driving Will be Enforced

At the discretion of the CIVGP Committee and the track event officials, anyone driving in an unsafe manner or endangering others with their actions will be asked to leave and will forfeit any and all funds set forth. We expect all participants to drive in a professional and sportsman-like manner. We thank you for your cooperation in helping us to continue to make the Coatesville Invitational Grand Prix a safe, fun, and exciting event for all. 

Mandatory Driver/Rider Meeting
All drivers and riders in Groups 1 through 5 are required to attend. It will be held at 8:30 in the paddock area. Changes to time or place will be announced ahead of time.

Wrist Band Pick Up

All entrants can pick up their wrist bands at the registration tent located in the paddock. All drivers, riders, crew and passengers must wear their wrist band at all times.